What is Perfect Madness

Let’s start by breaking it down, piece by piece. Perfect Madness is our frame of mind. The same frame of mind that may be viewed by friends, colleagues, peers, and absolutely by family members from previous generations, as just plain madness. But we can definitively say that this madness has purpose, direction, rewards beyond measure, and to put it simply; is perfect.

The Four Pillars

There are four pillars of the Perfect Madness frame of mind; Balance, Allies, Adventure and Path. It is only when we actively, and effectively invest in each of these aspects of our lives that we can achieve Perfect Madness. The Four Pillars of Perfect Madness: Balance, Allies, Path and Adventure


Happiness, Health, Spirituality and Fitness Ensuring our minds and bodies live in harmonious symbiosis by engaging in daily activities that promote health and induce smiles.


Love, Networking, Family and Friendships Actively engaging with our loved ones, and expanding our network whenever possible, for it is with a helping hand that we can achieve anything.


Pushing Boundaries, Travel, Risk and Leisure Activities Refusing to settle for the mundane by discovering and creating excitement and enhancing pleasure whenever we can.


Success, Career, Productivity and Money Redefining success by finding the vocation which will provide the greatest sense of daily satisfaction, and optimising productivity to ensure our profession does not engulf our lives.

Those First Few Steps Up the Mountain

This is the start of a new life. A life you create, you design, you model. This perfectly mad life will leave you feeling more satisfied, more successful, more well-rounded, and create for you a greater sense of excitement and thrill. Here are the first steps to take to get started on your journey to a perfect madness mindset.

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Perfect Madness Toolkit:

The Perfect Madness Toolkit aims to provide you with everything you need to live a year in the Perfect Madness frame of mind. Within its pages you will find the tools required to challenge yourself to escape the confines of conformity, to create your own happiness, to make the impossible possible, and to redefine the road to success in your life. We have a threefold approach to engraining the principles of Perfect Madness in your mind. Firstly you will read on the subjects, learning from the experts themselves, then you will take action with your 28 day challenges and using the suggested apps. Finally, you will reflect on the knowledge you have gained, and how it has impacted your life in the accompanying reflective journal.

Reflective Journal:

It is through reflection that we are best able to see the change we experience, and mark the progress we have made. To accompany the Perfect Madness Toolkit, we have generated 52 weekly pillar-themed journal prompts to help track your Perfect Madness evolution from start to finish. These can be used in sequential order as your progress through the toolkit and through each of the four pillars of Perfect Madness; Balance, Allies, Adventure and Path.


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