Here we would like to share a few of the outside resources we find most valuable to aide on your journey. These authors, and these apps have helped open our minds to all the possibility in the world, and helped shape our unique outlooks on life.


Perfect Madness by Alastair Macartney 
With full disclosure this is written by one of the co-authors of this blog. This is a quick and easy read full of life lessons such as The Knowledge Protocol, Danger Perception and The Dragon Won’t Eat You. Readable in small chunks or in one go, there are tips and lessons for anyone considering a Perfect Madness journey.

The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor

Positive psychology fuels this quirky and fun book, which seeks to disprove the age-old adage that we will be happy once we are successful. Instead of focusing our life on reaching goals, and assuming they will bring us happiness, the author proves with many studies and his own experiences, that happiness brings success, and not the other way around. With simple and easy to follow challenges to change your perspective and apply within your life.

Never Work Again by Erlend Bakke

While this book appears to be about building a successful and profitable business it has a large section at the beginning that is about balance. Erlend recognises that life is short and precious and that you need to make your choices because you have a better vision for you and your family. He talks about death, freedom money, material wealth, clarity, life, living and happiness.

Coach Me App
The Coach Me app helps you to reach your life goals. Big promise from one app, but its true. You are able to select what daily and weekly habits you would like to form, and you will be prompted to check-in to them everyday, like a foursquare of the soul. It becomes your accountability partner and employs coaching, a community and data to help you be your best. It’s customisable to your specific goals, let’s you track others and provides them a platform to encourage you. Added bonus, it’s free!

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