Three Google Searches That Will Change Your Life

This day and age there’s so much out there, so much to do and so many adventures that we can go on. Use the internet to help. Try these three Google searches to help spice up your life and shake things up.

1: Your favorite hobby + local group

When we spend time doing the things we love, we are giving ourselves a gift.  We are investing in our happiness.  I absolutely love to wake-up and start everyday with a leisurely run.  When I say leisurely, I mean it.  Most days I barely break a sweat, but the time for myself, away from everything else, feeling the strong connection between my body and mind is priceless.  What if you could double, maybe even quadruple the positive effect of time doing what you love?  I challenge you to do this google search; type your favorite hobby, from running, reading, to yoga, followed by the words local groups.  When we recruit allies who share our passions, we not only are more likely to make time for them, because it’s scheduled into the agenda, but we can grow, learn, and truly dive into that passion with the help of others.

2: Your postcode/zipcode + local walks/hikes

Exploring the world around us awakens the adventurer spirit in us all.  I know we think we all know our neighborhoods like the back of our hands, but when I did this search I was shocked at the number of local walks I hadn’t stumbled across before.  In fact two of them have become my new “go-to” dog walks!  Living life like a tourist is a phenomenal way to feel like we our on vacation in our own back yard, and these walks are great ways to get some exercise in without even knowing you were doing it.

3: Issue you are passionate about +  Local charity

Helping others helps ourselves.  Its a simple equation; when we do good we feel good.  My husband covered this topic well in his post about the selfish side of charity.  So you love dogs, you are great with kids, or the plight of the homeless members of our society you pass on your commute to work concerns you.  Get involved now.  Don’t wait for that mythical time in life when everything slows down, you have the time now to be an active member of the charity of your choosing if you make it.