The Art of Charming Perfect Madness

What happens when you’re mad and charming? That’s what I wanted to know.

Actually, that’s what Jordan Harbinger wanted to know. He runs the Art of Charm – where ordinary guys become extraordinary men. For those of you that haven’t heard of him, he’s a former Wall Street lawyer, former radio host and now runs the Art of Charm podcast full time. That means he’s bright, clever and, with his art of charm background, knows how to get the most from you in an interview and to share the secrets of your trade – and that’s what he did.

Jordan interviewed me recently for his podcast and the episode has just gone live – you can listen to it here or just search for it in your podcast app. We cover a whole a bunch of great content and Jordan makes me really drill into the detail, sharing stuff that I haven’t properly articulated before.

We stick pretty heavily to theme of making the impossible possible. It’s something that is broadly covered in my book (you can pick up a copy exclusively on Amazon here) and will be covered in detail in my next book too. We get in to detail and I walk through my 6 pillars format.

Along the way we talk about:

  • Superman and what I learned from him.
  • Achievement and how it’s related to happiness (or isn’t related to happiness).
  • Embracing the crazy within you.
  • Why knowledge doesn’t equal power (despite many people saying the opposite) and what you need to add to it.
  • Dealing with haters, including the ones that you can’t remove from your life.

If finding your dream and achieving it is something that you want in your life then this might well be the episode that you want to listen to. I’m not just talking about regular dreams though. This is a structure not for those of you that want to 2X or 3X where you are now, it’s for bigger dreams and goals at the 10X level.

After we finished this episode we turned the tables and I interviewed Jordan for the up and coming Perfect Madness podcast – so watch this space for the release later on this year.

Of course, once you listen to this podcast the important part is to take action. There’s not much point in this if you don’t get up and do something about it. We finish the podcast with 5 steps you need to take to ensure you take action. In case you forget what they are, you can see them towards the end of the show notes page too. Incredible dreams require incredible acts so make sure you’re prepared for this journey.

I’d love to hear what you think of the episode so make sure you let me know – you can leave a comment here or get in touch on Twitter or Facebook.

Main photo by Kumar’s Edit.