Sharing the Green Smoothie Way on St. Patty’s Day

Green is on everyone’s mind today, but before you all head out to the bar tonight in search of tinted beer, I want to share about another type of green drink, one that is healthy, delicious, and life-changing.

What in the world is a Green Smoothie?

Green smoothies are, to be honest, the best start to your day possible.  They are all the raw nutrients you need from fruit and vegetables in a yummy, super convenient source.  A simple google search of green smoothie, or juicing, will leave you with more sources than you would ever want to go through.  But I want to point you in the right direction; so here is your Simple Green Smoothie 101.

Simple green smoothies, live-up to the name.  They are easily made with a regular blender, do not require purchasing any difficult to source ingredients, and offer fruit, vegetables, and protein in healthy raw forms, that you can make in a under a few minutes and sip on your daily commute.  They take away the ability to make excuses for not getting your daily 5 in!

A few important details; you do not need an expensive blender or juicer.  The basic recipe is always the same; leafy greens + fruit + liquid base (+/- superfoods).  You vary any of these three to create your ideal flavours, or follow one of the zillions of recipes provided on the website.

Why did I start drinking Green Smoothies?

Early last year I had the best news ever; I was expecting my son Finn!  This was shortly followed by the worst news ever; the term morning sickness is a terrible lie.   A more accurate title would be “all day nausea that prevents you from ever being able to eat the foods you normally love until you pass into the second trimester.”  Being a vegan for many years, I never wondered how I would get in my five a day, I lived off of fruit and veg!  But now, in the time in my life when I wanted to eat the healthiest and give my son the best start possible, the sight of any fruit or vegetable sent me gagging to the nearest bathroom.

Laying in bed one day scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across a dear old friend; Stephanie Gomez’s status update about her 30 Day Simple Green Smoothie challenge.  The status included a tantalising picture of her smoothie creation and the recipe.  Having gone a few weeks without keeping any fruit or veg down, I thought I would give a smoothie a go.  I didn’t have much to lose at that point!

So I signed up for my first 30 day challenge.  This is where my green smoothie journey began; a 30 Day Simple Green Smoothie Challenge.  Every week I was emailed recipes for 5 new smoothies, and even an organised shopping list of what I would need to purchase that week!  For free.  That is right.  Absolutely no cost.  The kind people behind Simple Green Smoothies promote their lifestyle simply because they believe in its goodness, and they want to spread that goodness to as many other people as they can.

I was hooked from the first sip.  I managed to drink 2 smoothies every day for the rest of my pregnancy.  My son was born healthy and happy, and I was able to get all the nutrients I needed without gaining excessive weight.  I completely credit Simple Green Smoothies for helping me have a comfortable pregnancy, which allowed be to stay energised, active and fit throughout.

Why I keep drinking Simple Green Smoothies

Now that my little man is out of my tummy, he keeps me busy to say the least.  Our nutrition is still directly linked, as whatever I eat goes into the milk he drinks.  With little time, and a pretty decent level of sleep deprivation, I can’t always make a perfectly balanced meal, or find time to eat it if I do.  But I know if I have even one smoothie every day I am giving my son the healthy diet he needs to keep growing strong.  And let me tell you its working!  The little one has consistently gained weight since the day he was born, even in the first week when most babies lose some.  He is always bright eyed and inquisitive in the world around him.  I know that I continue to give us both a  nutritious diet even when time is limited.

I Can’t Express My Gratitude Enough

Simple Green Smoothies have changed my life.  They have made it possible for me to have the peace of mind every single day that I am doing right by not only my own health and longevity, but my the growth and development of my son.  There are not enough words to  express my gratitude.  So think Green today; Simple GREEN Smoothies, and go now to their website, change your life today, join the movement!

Note: In some areas of our website we use affiliate links. Of course, we’ll only ever link to products and services that we love. In the case of Simple Green Smoothies we’re not an affiliate. We get absolutely no financial reward at all from sharing this information. We just love their website and the information that they share.

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Main photo by Wild Tofu.