Being Selfish to be Selfless – New Life Resolutions

As January approaches, and the glimmer of the New Year is nearly upon us, the thought of resolutions and fresh starts are on my mind.  My husband and I have decided to devote the entire first month of 2015 to creating more balance in our lives, and we want to share the journey with everyone who follows Perfect Madness.  Balance is one of our four pillars to living a life outside the confines of conformity, and it focuses on Happiness, Health, Spirituality and Fitness.  The start of a New Year is the ideal time to focus on creating more balance in our lives, ensuring our minds and bodies live in harmonious symbiosis by engaging in daily activities that promote health and induce smiles.  So stay tuned for upcoming posts, and if you feel truly inspired check out the Perfect Madness Toolkit which is a free guide to living a whole year in the Perfect Madness frame of mind.

Self Investment

The other day my dear husband watched our 3 month old son for me while I went for my first run in over a year without the little munchkin either in my tummy, or sleeping soundly in his jogging stroller.  It was amazing.  The great outdoors, the sun shining, the cool winter air on my face, and the endorphins flowing through my blood.  But you know what else was incredible about the experience?  Having 40 minutes all to myself, and using that time to invest in my own health.  Is it selfish to say I enjoyed having that time away from my baby, and even more so to say I need that time?  Perhaps it is, but if so, everyone in my life, including myself, benefits from my selfishness.  I came back a healthier and happier person, and if I give myself the gift of self investment on a regular basis I will continue to be a happier and healthier person, and therefore, a better mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend.

New Years Resolutions Worth Making – New Life Resolutions

On December 31st it’s very tempting to make the same old resolutions I have for the last 30 years; especially with the mommy tummy still present, but instead of a year of better living, and more realistically a month, I am going to make New Life Resolutions.  I am going to focus on self investment, and promoting balance between my mind and my body.  Here is how I will transform the traditionally self-hating resolutions of old, into self-loving and healthy lifestyle changes;

I will lose 10 lbs —–> I will love the body I have now, and focus on being the best me I can be by eating healthy, and engaging in exercise I enjoy regularly.

I will go on a serious diet for all of 2015 —>  I will eat foods which enrich my body, and cut out all the processed empty calories.

I will hit the gym every day—> I will find exercises which make me happy while I do them, and not punish my body with activities I hate doing, in hopes of correcting body issues I may have.

There are also a few more resolutions I plan on making, which ultimately will transform me into a more well rounded and happier person; for example I want to learn Spanish and travel to a new country. I want to take the time to focus on me, and let that positivity effervesce to those important people in my life.  The year 2015 will be amazing, and I will be amazing in it!

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Main photo by Jonathan Cohen.