Happiness can be defined in so many ways. Others, who are hard to please overrate it making it hard to describe. But, literally, simple things make our life happy. Some people make themselves happy through the things they can buy. They grasp and hoard a lot of things to please themselves. Some are happy through the priceless adventures they take. They don’t limit themselves.

Some feel happy sailing along with their lives, being contented and enjoying little things. In life, we make choices every day – from the clothes we wear to work, to the food we eat, who we want to talk to, what to say, and everything that constitutes our day, even the feelings we want to feel.

We can chose to be sad, gregarious, anxious, full of excitement and definitely, happy. We are entitled to choose what feelings we want to feel. And sometimes we forget that what we’ve been through, what we have, or where we are doesn’t matter. These things shouldn’t be the basis of our happiness, but what matters is how you think about it all and what you choose to do better on your current situation.

Here are the 10 simple tips to help you feel great and perfectly happy. Read them before starting your day, you’ll see positive changes in your life.


  • Learn to appreciate.


Sometimes, when we are bombarded with a lot of things in our life, it can be easy to forget how to appreciate all the blessings you have. You don’t recognize how blessed you are and that there are many out there that would love to switch places with you. Appreciate the small things in life.


  • Let go of frustrations as soon as they arrive.


Don’t cling on to the bad moments in your life. Don’t let the unimportant drama overrule your day and how you feel. Happiness starts on the inside. You can chose and control your thoughts. The only person that can ruin your mood, positivity and happiness is you, ONLY YOU.


  • Be positive, no matter what.


We can’t control some of the situations in our lives. Instead of grasping at the negative thoughts be positive and look forward at the positive things in your life. Fussing and worrying will bring us nowhere. Always remember – we think, we become. Be positive and focus on your goals!


  • Measure your progress, no matter how small.


We have our own set of goals in our lives. Every day we make little steps towards their achievement. Track your progress and be thankful that you’re not stuck where you once were and look at how far you’ve come.


  • Show your loved ones what they really mean to you.


Our relationships with the people that surround us are vital to our happiness. Express the love you have for them. And always remember that action speaks louder than words. Put relationship health first. Spend time with your loved ones and friends. We are always busy working on our goals and can often forget that we have friends and most importantly, family. Show them how much you care. Converse, connect, check on them and spend quality time to top it off. Turn off all your gadgets and be truly present for them. Often it’s our actions, not just our words that really speak what our hearts feel.


  • Be the change you want to see the world.


Honestly, we are capable of doing anything. Be kind to everyone, be the ray of sunshine in their lives. Try to understand and treat others with love. Be someone who makes a difference. What you give to another person is really what you give to yourself. 


  • Start giving without expecting anything in return.


Can you imagine the fulfillment that you feel inside when you help someone in need? Fulfilling and happy right? Sharing is like giving a part of you. Don’t expect that people will always do for you as you do for them. Everyone is different and not everyone is just like you. Generosity work wonders no matter how small it is. Share knowledge, share anything and share the love you have in you.


  • Don’t compare yourself to others.


We have our set of insecurities but often forget what others have and where they are. Always remember that you are different from everyone else. You are unique, you have genuine strengths and gifts within you. Explore it, work on it and focus on yourself.


  • Dedicate your time to meaningful activities.


You’ve probably heard that time is gold. Yes indeed, time is truly gold. Once you’ve already spent a portion of it, you can never get it back. Focus on things that will help you to achieve your goals. Spend your time wisely and on things that truly matter. Organize your time, do more of the things that will help you in a long run but don’t forget to make time for yourself too to unwind and assess your life.


  • Be grateful.


Be thankful of anything life brings to you. Little blessings are still blessings. All the things in your life, all the negative and positive interactions, all have a lesson to teach you. Embrace anything life has thrown you, it has its own purposes. And remember, how great you are! Not anyone has the same privilege as you.

Now it’s your turn. Please take some action. Apply at least one of these today and then build on it – apply two tomorrow. Then keep going. They only work if you take action and follow through.