Halloween is just around the corner and everyone seems excited and thrilled about it. Trick-or-treating, funny and scary costumes, Halloween parties, bunches of candies and chocolates. What’s not to love? If you are a parent, you’re probably busy organizing activities for your kids, buying or making their costumes and keeping kids safe on top of attending trick-or-treating activities and Halloween parties. I gathered some of the best tips on making most out of Halloween while keeping yourself sane on all the to-do things on your list.

1. List all your activities and to-do list.


With all the crazy schedules, invitations and things to do at hand, we sometimes forget the things we need to attend to. So, a list will help you remember and track your progress. It’s much easier to put it on your phone calendar rather than a notebook or memo pad because you can access it directly whenever and wherever you want.

2. For costumes, let your kids decide.


As a parent, we are dreaming of a perfect theme for our family. But, don’t forget that our kids’ happiness and fulfilment matters more than our aspirations. And you don’t want to leave a house with a cranky toddler in tow, do you? They will whine if they don’t love what they’re dressed as. So let them decide what they want to be, it’s their party and activity after all.

3. Start a family tradition and set of activities on your own.


Whether you’re planning for a simple Halloween potluck with family and friends, or Halloween activities such as baking pumpkin pie, decorating your garage with the kids, playing board games or anything you want, Halloween is the best time to start a family tradition. Make Halloween an enjoyable and memorable time for your family.

4. Restrict sugar intake.


Yes, there are sweets and desserts everywhere. Don’t let your child over indulge. Give them a handful of candies and chocolates after they collected their Halloween candy treats and the remaining will be given every weekend until supplies last. The last thing we want over Halloween is a too much of a sugar rush or even a toothache.

5. Express yourself through dressing up.


Have fun. Dress as whatever character you want. Join in the costume fun! Halloween only happens once a year so seize the moment and enjoy! Get everyone in your household involved. Let them join the bandwagon of fun and excitement!

6. Unleash your creativity.


Halloween is the best time to show off your creativity! The sky’s the limit in decorating your home, Halloween dishes and costumes! Use all the resources you have at home, recycle as much as possible in order to save and involve your kids in all the activities you planned. You can bond and make use of their creativity too, plus the work will be less!

Make use of the holidays as time to bond and spend time with your family. No matter how small the time spent, the most important thing is, make it fun, silly and memorable. Make it so everyone involved will always look forward to Halloween activities every year.