Sometimes life jumps out at you. It grabs you by the shoulder, rips you around, glares in your face, challenges you, makes you what you are. These are good days. These are the opportunities that present themselves to you. The ones you grab you by the horns.

But many times life just doesn’t work that way.

Sometimes life hides away from you. The challenges and journeys that you read about others undertaking on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and traditional media just, somehow, don’t land at your feet. It’s often someone else that gets them.

But often that part of life that you want, that you crave, is just sitting, waiting around the corner. Waiting for you to get up and take that first step, waiting for you to take that leap yourself before it joins in.

For most of us the reality is that those life adventures won’t just land at your feet. You need to do something to create them. You need to make them happen. You need to get out there and create the opportunities. Here are five steps to set you off on your journey and make adventure happen in your life:

1. Seek

The life you want to grab, the adventure you want to take, is out there. Whether you think you have the pre-requisite skills to undertake it or not, it’s there. You need to seek it. You need to go and find it. Ignore your internal voice that doubts what you can and can’t do and focus on what you want. Find that adventure now, worry about how to achieve it later on. Right now we’re seeking it out.

2. Commit

Commit to achieving your goal, challenge, journey, adventure or whatever term you want to put to it. If you want it badly enough you’ll make it happen but you’ll only make it happen if you commit. And by committing you need to eliminate your reasons for not following through. So make it public – post it to Facebook, tell your family and your friends, commit to achieving it.

3. Action

Too many people sit back, have some great ideas, talk the talk, wish. Too many people grow old wondering what if? Too many people don’t follow through and don’t take action to achieve their goals, their dreams. Don’t be one of those.

It doesn’t need to be a big decisive action (although that would be great). It can be small. It can be something. It needs to be something. This is about creating and making a habit. Doing something. Every day. Finding a way that you can take that action, just a small piece of action, every day. Finding and doing that thing that will advance you just one tiny step closer to achieving. Follow through. Take action.

4. Opportunity

When you find and seek your goal, your dream that you want to achieve, when you follow through and commit to making it happen and you take positive action steps to achieving it, you’ll notice something different, something new. The haters will still be there but there will others. There will others that see your drive and your passion. There will be new found confidence – in you, in your dream and for those that are following from the side lines.

As you prove your commitment, action and perseverance (see the next step) opportunities will open up. Sometimes you’ll be looking for them, other times you won’t – they’ll appear in the most unexpected places. When you’ve put yourself out there, put yourself on the line, proven that you’re taking that journey, opportunities will follow. Seize them.

5. Persevere

I’d be lying if I told you it was all plain sailing. That it is going to be easy. There will be the tough times, the hard times, the times when you want to throw in the towel, give up, quit. Lots of people do.

You can quit if you want. It’s up to you. But ask yourself, in 10 years time, when you look back at this, will you ask yourself what if? Will you wonder what it would have been like if you just tried once more, if you’d tried for another minute, another hour, another day, another week, another month? If the answer’s yes then the path you need to take is easy – persevere. Don’t take the easy way out right now. Keep going. Quit only when that answer is no – that’s the time to quit. Right now you need to persevere.

Your Adventure

This is your life, your journey, your adventure. Follow these steps and create your own adventures, your own opportunities. Don’t let them sit dormant around the corner, gathering dust. Don’t be there in years to come wondering what if? Seize the moment today.

As my good friend Tawab Qurayshi recently posted on Facebook:

“Life is like a ball of snow, enjoy it before it melts”

It’s good advice. I’m going to take it. I hope you do too.

Main photo by Thorbjorn Sigberg.