5 Free Date Ideas

With the holidays swiftly approaching we are all watching every penny, and scrambling around checking off our christmas lists, attending a different holiday party every weekend, decorating the house, and preparing for out of town guests. This festive time of year is truly magical, but with so much more on our plates, both literally and figuratively, it can be easy to put the most important relationship in our lives on the back burner. Here are some easy, free, and fun date ideas, to ensure you are your spouse/partner set aside some time for just the two of you without breaking the Christmas budget.

Origami Night

The mental health benefits of origami are numerous, but above all I love the practice in mindfulness it brings. In this day and age, using the google machine you can find detailed instructions online, complete with video tutorials, all for no cost. Make yourselves cozy at home with a bottle of wine and start folding some paper together.

Geocaching Adventure

One of the greatest new apps which can turn you and your partner into modern day explorers! Visit www.geocaching.com/play for all the details, but essentially you download the free app, and start navigating to hidden treasures near you, and once found you can trade nicnacs that other adventurers have left behind, and sign the log book. You can also track all the geocaches you have completed on the app!

Picnic in the Park

Make a few of your favourite sandwiches at home, and maybe even toss in a few mince pies and leftover mulled wine in a thermos and set-off to your local park. Its astounding how much easier conversation flows with the simple act of changing-up the scenery. If you have kiddies try to choose a park with a play area that will keep them entertained so you can have quality time, or choose to go out when the baby is napping.

Cruise for Christmas Lights

Make a playlist of your favourite holiday tunes and hop into the car ready for a light seeking adventure. Take turns guessing what parts of your neighbourhood will have the best lights, and explore adjourning areas as well. Make sure to act like Christmas light experts and rank the top 5 houses. Share about Christmas memories from your childhood, and traditions you hold dear.

Countryside Walk

It may be a bit chilly out, but frozen ground underfoot rather than thick mud makes walking in the countryside even easier. Thick frosts, and if you are lucky, fluffy snow, create the perfect backdrop for romance. Outdoors and away from the distractions of home and screens, you will be able to connect and share with the benefit of both being fully engaged in the conversation and present in the moment. Couples that exercise together, also benefit from investing in their individual health and health of their relationship at the same time.

Main photo by Guian Bolisay.