Alastair and Elyse Macartney pose on a Harley Davidson  as they depart their wedding ceremony on the beach in California

Who Are We?

We are a husband and wife team, and we are Perfectly Mad. We are also happily married, we have travelled the world together, we have shared a life full of exciting, often bizarre, but always rewarding experiences, and we have an eclectic group of friends spread across the globe. Just this year we started our greatest journey together; parenthood, with the birth of our son Finn Thomas. Not only do we feel we have achieved Perfect Madness in our lives as a couple, but as individuals we have invested in ourselves, and created unique, enriching paths to happiness. We are Alastair and Elyse, and we currently reside in London, where we met many years ago. Alastair, 38, has been in the same career for almost 20 years and is now starting over in life. New career. New parent. And possibly a new country of residence on the horizon. Elyse, 30, a veterinarian by trade who is currently taking a career break to dive into the deep end of stay-at-home parenthood.

Why We Are Perfectly Mad

Alastair Macartney in Venice, ItalyAlastair has refused to fit into any particular stereotype since birth. He started his life in Hong Kong, the son of two British citizens, and hasn’t stayed in one place for very long since. Seeking out excitement and adventure, Alastair has made it his life goal to have a smile on his face whenever possible. BASE jumping off of perfectly good buildings, flying wingsuits in the Swiss mountains, an avid practitioner of yoga and meditation, a champion parachutist and world record holder, and leader of an extreme human flight team; Alastair has never been scared to take challenges, makes having fun a priority and is his own man. Elyse Macartney in ThailandElyse, 30, a Californian, currently shunning the sun and the beaches for the urban sprawl of London, has also walked her own path. Elyse’s thirst for life less ordinary, became clear when she abandoned the small town of her youth and became the first in her family to attend University. Elyse then continued to shock, when she dropped her pre-med major within a couple of minutes of sitting in a lecture hall of 300+ stressed and miserable students, to instead join the relaxed and collaborative folks in the Animal Behaviour department of UCSD. Adventure across the seas beckoned, and Elyse decided to combine the completion of a Veterinary degree with opportunities for travel abroad. Elyse loves the refreshment outdoors provides to the body and mind, trekking with her dogs, and practices yoga several times each week. We have never been normal. This fact, though potentially embarrassing for some, is something we revel in. We have strived throughout our individual lives to write our own rules, and follow our own paths. It wasn’t, however, until those paths collided, in the melting pot that is London, when an American vet student fell for the famous Brit accent of a BASE jumper, that we felt the true breadth of our freedom. Not only were we free to be exactly the people we wanted to be, but we could do so with the support and love of someone just as crazy.

We Want to Make You All Perfectly Mad

Alastair and Elyse Macartney pop a bottle of Champagne shortly after their costume wedding in Oxford, UKNow we want to stretch just one step further, and share our Perfect Madness with the world. We want to infect you all with a desire to challenge yourself to escape the confines of conformity, to create your own happiness, to make the impossible possible, and to redefine the road to success in your life. If you want more satisfaction out of life, you want to be truly happy now and not in 10 years after your next big promotion or rise in salary, if you want to have time to invest in all aspects of what drives you internally; Perfect Madness is for you. If following the flock, has left you bored, frustrated, unsatisfied, disillusioned and envious of the lives others live; Perfect Madness is for you. If you choose to join us, by tuning into our bi-weekly blogs, listening to our soon-to-arrive podcasts, and maybe even attempting to complete our year long Toolkit Challenge

, you must know; this is no easy journey you are about to embark on. Opening your mind to all the possibility in the world can be exhausting. However, to ease your transition from a drone to an enlightened free spirit, we have carved many small steps into the mountain you must climb.

This is where your Perfect Madness Journey Begins

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